Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Willing is not enough, we must do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Identifying the problem is more important than recognizing the solution,
Because the exact description of the problem leads to the solution.
Albert Einstein
As part of customer-specific projects we support you in the optimization of your mechanical solid-liquid filtration processes. With our knowledge and experience in product and project management, we can take over all services from a consultation on the objective determination and analysis of the actual state of the process as well as the exact presentation of the problem to the complete planning and management of a project. 

Examples of possible project themes


Development of depth filter sheets using novel fibers and/or special inorganic materials

Tailor-made filtration products for the selective removal of "impurities"

Development and modification of organic and inorganic membranes

Characterisation and comparative investigations:

Systematic investigation and selection of filter aids

Systematisc ivestigation and selection of ion exchange resins

Comparision of filter aids from different suppliers

Comparision of ion exchange resins

Comparision of activated carbon for different applications

Characterisation of porous materials like membranes, textiles, filter sheets

Measuring of zeta potential of cellulose, synthetic fibers and filter media

Determination of surface charge of fillers and filter aids directly within suspension

Cooperation is possible in the context of research and development projects, service contracts or Bachelor's and Master theses.

A compilation of successfully completed projects can be found on the following pages.
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-  CTI projects
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