That's the best teacher
making gradually superfluous.
George Orwell

Through targeted individual training, we will teach you the basics and / or deepen your application knowledge in the field of mechanical solid-liquid filtration.

Our training courses:

Dr. Jürgen Ebert has been a lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences for many years. As part of his research, he is involved in the characterization of filter aids and the application of solid-liquid separation in industrial processes.
In addition to the lectures on filtration, Mr. Ebert also presents at international conferences or lectures at customer-specific further training events on these topics.

Training on the topic of filtration and adsorption

Courses for filtration in the laboratory with practical excerises

Individual training courses

Group training

Training externally or on-site / in-company training

Organizing and managing of trainings / conferences on special filtration topics
Documentation and presentation